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Why get an MRT Patents valuation report with a monetary value of your patents:

  • Include the value of your asset in a fund raising deck

  • Know the monetary value of your patents for M&A and IP funding transactions

  • Inform IP strategy by determining highest business value to invest in future filings

  • Use business intelligence in the reports to manage your business

  • Understand licensing value and find potential licensing partners

  • Determine a monetary value to support an auction price

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Explore our offerings:

  • Patent Valuation Report - Single Patent

    Precise valuation for individual patents, offering crucial insights for strategic decision-making and investment planning.

  • Patent Valuation Report - Porfolio

    A detailed valuation of your entire patent portfolio, providing a clear picture of your intellectual property's cumulative value.

  • IP Landscape Report

    Gain strategic insights with a comprehensive analysis of the patent environment, helping you navigate through competitive markets with confidence.


Our Mission

We are committed to enlightening companies about the business value of their patents. Understanding this value is key to empowering executives and managers to make well-informed business decisions, enhancing the strategic management of intellectual property assets.

Why Patent Valuation Matters

Patent valuation is more than a number—it's a strategic asset that propels your business forward. Understanding the value of your patents enables:

  • Strategic Leveraging

    Whether through licensing, sales, or as collateral for financing, knowing your patent's worth is crucial for maximizing returns.

  • Informed Decision-Making

    Allocate resources more effectively and navigate through potential risks and opportunities with confidence.

  • Negotiation Power

    Equip yourself with the knowledge to negotiate fair terms in transactions, ensuring you get the best deal for your intellectual property.

  • Innovation and Growth

    By recognizing and capitalizing on the value of your patents, you foster an environment ripe for innovation and sustained business growth.

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